Anonymous asked:

Welcome back! You were missed. Divide is very well done, from story line to filming & directing, lighting, everything is high class. I hope it gets an audience so they keep it going for a long time. I also wish it was on Thursdays instead of Wednesday nights! Your thoughts?



Hi! You asked this like a month ago, but I didn’t want to answer until I had watched several episodes. Welp, I finished all 8 of them on Saturday. “Very well done” in nearly every department is what I kept saying to myself and to my partner.  I thoroughly enjoyed the story line and the characters. I thought all of the actors served the plot very very well, and no one was wasted.The finale was gripping, satisfying, but also left much possibilities open for next season.

I must say, however, it’s not the type of show I’m going to discuss ad nauseum on the internet because I was not emotionally drawn to any of the characters. I do think Trey and Jenny are super adorable (separately). And I’m kind of obsessed with Jenny’s hair. (In fact, it did not go unnoticed that natural hair popped up all over the place. Hmmmm…) Anyway, I die for Nia Long, and I can’t wait to see what the hell is going on with Billie and how crucial she’ll be next season. 

One last thing, the people who do Ray Donovan need to hit up Tony and Richard to learn how to write black character dynamics and dialogue because Ray Donovan does an embarrassingly horrid job of this. 

Spot on as usual!